Where can I download Unix?

UNIX is an operating system that embraces a multi-user environment. It was developed on a number of platforms. However, UNIX is not so much of a single, unified system, but more of a benchmark upon which organizations build their foundation. It is also an “open Source” application, which means that you can get it at a nominal cost or at no cost. One way of getting it is by downloading it from the Internet. The popularity of UNIX has largely been driven by the increasing prominence of other operating systems which have an element of UNIX in their make up, something almost all OS’s have, with the exception of Microsoft Windows. Some of the platforms that are based on UNIX system include FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Ubuntu Linux, Red Hat Fedora Linux, Debian Linux and Sun Solaris among others. Here’s how to download some of these operating systems:

Downloading FreeBSD UNIX

This is an operating system that is a derivative of BSD. It was developed at UCLA, Berkeley and is mainly for x86 compatible (which also embraces Pentium and Athlon), amd64 compatible, Alpha/AXP, IA-64, PC-98 and Ultras ARC architecture. You can download this operating system by copying and pasting this link to your browser: Freebsd.org

Downloading OpenBSD UNIX

This system offers a free, multi-platform operating system that is 4.4BSD based. Correctness, portability, proactive security, standardization and integrated cryptography are some of the cross-cutting themes that underpin the system. OpenBSD also sustains binary emulation of systems like SVR4 Solaris, Linux, and Sun OS among others. You can easily download OpenBSD from the Internet by going to Openbsd.org and choosing your preferences.

Downloading Solaris UNIX

Sun’s Solaris Operating System is considered by many as one of the top UNIX environment-based systems with a little over 600 features for the latest release, the Solaris 10 OS. Many Open Source disciples will be pleased to know that many applications are ready to run on Solaris platform and this saves time which would have been taken up by deployment. This amazing software can be downloaded from Sun.com

Downloading Fedora Linux

This is a system developed by Redhat which aims to develop a complete, general purpose operating system that is all done in a public platform. This system can be downloaded on Fedoraproject.org

Downloading Debian Linux

This is a free operating system that uses Linux Kernel (which is the core of the OS) but most of it’s tools are from the GNU project, which is why it is also called Debian GNU/Linux. This OS comes with 8710 packages which are precompiled to facilitate easy installation. Debian Linux can be downloaded on this site: Debian.org

Downloading Ubuntu License

Ubuntu is a community-based open source operating system that can be used on desktops, notebooks and servers as well. It can be downloaded for free, and depending upon where you are located , you can apply for a copy of this free software to be shipped to you by Canonical, the company behind the project. You can also download Ubuntu by going to this site: Ubuntu.com

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