How to Create a MySpace Layout

Creating a MySpace Layout can be easily accomplished using one of two methods. The first, and most popular, method is to use an online layout generator. Using an online generator allows users to design their profiles while automatically creating the code. Another advantage of using a generator is that it allows the user to actually preview their selections as they develop their profile. This method is the easiest way to create a MySpace Layout.

To create layout, go to, or any of several layout generators, and follow these steps:

  1. Begin by selecting a background color from the slide bars or simply enter a url of the image to be used. Your MySpace background can be set as either fixed or scroll image. You may also choose between having it repeated or displayed only once.
  2. Once you have completed setting up your background, click on the <Generators Section> tab. You will be provided with a range of choices for both background colors and borders for MySpace sections.
  3. Next, click on the <Headings> tab to choose between different fonts, sizes and colors. Your layout for your main text may also be selected at this time.
  4. Once satisfied with your color scheme selections, click on the <Generate Layout> tab to preview and to copy the required MySpace code.
  5. Next, log into your MySpace account and click on <Edit My Profile> and paste the CSS code into the <About Me> box. You can then preview your changes and once satisfied, click on the <Submit> tab and view your new profile. You can continue to edit your profile at any time using the <Edit My Profile> tab.

The second method is considered to be a bit more complicated and time consuming as it requires users to have HTML and CSS code knowledge. While the first method is preferred for it’s ease of use and time efficiency, this method provides the user with a clean canvas.

Additional Notes:

  • While standing out is important to attract attention to your MySpace, users should also consider overloading others who attempt to access your MySpace. All of the colored pages loaded with streaming content will definitely much cooler when you are cutting and pasting code from several resources but others may not appreciate it as they wait for the pages to load.
  • Keep your pages light. A single streaming audio or video clip is sufficient. Streaming audio combined with high resolution images can slow down loading.
  • Design smart. Create light and consider others while designing your pages.

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