What is is a private Internet Protocol (IP) address that is between the range of – In computer speak, a private address is used to run private networks whereas computers are allocated their own IP addresses to communicate with each other on an internal network that doesn’t involve the Internet. The rising prominence of private addresses is attributed partly due to the shortage of publicly-registered IP addresses, and this gave rise to the emergence of IPv6 to deal with the shortage. The private address is usually set at the factory by the manufacturer, although it can be changed at any time via the network router on the administrative console. Private addresses are a unique type of IP addresses since they can be used and reused over and over again on different networks. It’s possible to use more than one private IP address at the same time with no IP conflict issues. The catch about private IP addresses is that one cannot use them to communicate over the Internet without the use of Network Address Translation (NAT). This is because routers on the Internet are usually set in a way that does away with any traffic that is using private address. This fact turns out to be some sort of a blessing in disguise, as the outside world cannot connect to the private network, affording it formidable protection against intrusion by other networks. The reason why it is possible to have identical IP addresses in different IP networks, is because these networks will never connect to each other and thus conflict issues do not arise.

If for some reason the device using a private address such as, wishes to communicate with other networks, an interceding gateway is required so that the external network will be presented with a “reachable” IP address and that the routers will allow the traffic between the two networks to be transmitted. This “intercessor gateway” usually turns out to be the NAT or a proxy server. There is a caveat though. If two private networks were to contact each other, there is a possibility of network conflict if the private IP’s turn out to be identical, and in this case not even NAT would help.

Sometimes it becomes impossible to access the router through This can be caused by invalid browser settings or an invalid IP address from the router. This can be dealt with by clearing the browser settings and disabling all the antivirus and firewall software. Linksys routers use as their default IP address. Care should be taken not to have identical IP addresses in a network that has such devices as network conflict is most likely to occur. One thing should be clear about private IP addresses; whereas two different networks may use IP addresses that can be found in another network, no two identical private IP’s should be in any given network. When adding a new device to your network, be certain that its default IP address is not already in use on your network.

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